How to boost your immune system 

How to boost your immune system 

How to boost your own immune system? Is it necessary to improve our immunity? Yes it is important to boost our immunity. To boost our immunity there are several ways in which we are going to discuss the top 10 ways to improve our immunity. 

Before getting in, first we will discuss what immunity is and what the immune system does. Immune system is a protector for our body. Immune system helps us to fight against so many diseases. With strong immunity an individual can prevent so many risk causing factors and can maintain a healthy property and can prevent a life treating diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, corona etc.

The prevention of diseases means the prevention of viruses, infection, bacteria, fungi and other toxins from outside to enter our body. If they enter, they also help to fight against them and create a shield. Immune system is a mixture of cells , organs and a bunch of protein and while functioning they work together. When it comes to the immune system there are two types of immune system. The two types of immune system are 

The innate immune system 

Innate immune system is where the immunity power is built from our birth. It will be there from our birth only. The innate immune system is from birth only and it also helps to fight against the harmful germs, parasite ,( such as worms) or the cells, which are a cancer cells. The innate immune system is active from the child birth , so when it finds any foreign body which is harmful to a child it suddenly starts its action towards it and protects the child from harmful virus, cells and worms. 

The adaptive immune system 

The adaptive immune system is where the energy is provided for an immune system from the outside sources. Now we are going to discuss the adaptive immune system and how to improve our adaptive immune system. Because innateness is already inbuilt for that we can’t do anything but if we have to improve our immunity then it is only possible by improving an adaptive immune system 

To boost our immune system and to get a strong immunity we should have a proper amount of antibiotics within us. Because antibiotics help immunity to fight against viruses and infections by bacteria. Antibiotics also helps in killing or to disable the bacterias.

And antibiotics will not make disable or will not kill all the bacteria it is effective only on certain bacteria like example antibiotics which helps in killing the bacteria which cause skin infection will also not work or kill the bacteria which cause diaheria. It is suggestable to take antibiotics in a prescribed amount or else taking antibiotics for the virus which it won’t work will not help in killing the virus or bacteria it will make the bacteria to remain there without fighting against it. 

Top 10 ways to boost immune system: 

To improve our immunity there are still researchs going on they are finding the answer that to improve the immune system or for the changes in the immune system is age, sex, health, lifestyle, psychological stree, diet , excercise and other factors or reason or is it depends on these factors. Whatever according to the present and before studies these are the certain ways where you can boost your immune system.

Healthy lifestyle: 

Having a healthy life will actually helps in improving our immunity. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t means that having only excersize in the morning and waking up early , it means that having a good habits in our life which means not smoking, drinking of alcohol if consuming them keeping it in a moderate level , having a diet high foods like fruits and vegetables, excercise regular and having a balanced weight, having proper sleep.

Maintaining hygiene is a main key aspects which everyone have to follow to avoid the infection by washing hands and cleaning vegetables and meat properly. And hege to learn maintaining stress and also have to get vaccines if needed to get rid of infections and to help the immunity to boost themselves to fight against infections. 

Increase immunity in a healthy way: 

Now a days due to mordanization and urbanization there is a lack of organic food supply and source which leads us to creat a chemical and unorganic good sources and supply. Which affects the immunity power and makea the immune system low and weak. Attempting to boost our immune system is not difficult due to more cells present in the immune system but it can be done in a proper and healthier ways.

Our cells have a capacity to clear them selves which means the death cell which die after some period some will die while fighting against the disease and some before taking any action against the infections but just to improve the cells faster taking the supply and sources which are made of chemicals and a inorganic or harmful for the immune system. 

Immune system and age: 

Each and every individual will grow and as they grow there immune system will also start to grow and they also become aged which means they will also get old and there are chances where they become weak and powerless if we didn’t have a proper lifestyle during our young days.

As we get aged our immunity will become weak which helps viruses and infections and cancer cells to affect the body easily so to prevent that every individual have to follow the healthy lifestyle during there young age and in their aging time too which helps in maintaining the immune system proper and helps it in not getting weak and less effective. 


Not having a proper diet will also lead to the weak of the immune system. Having a weak immunity means giving an invitation to the viruses and infections to enter the body. So keeping our diet in healthier ways will have a great impact on boosting our 

immunity, especially adding lot of protein content and fruits and vegetables to our diet plan. 

Herbs and supplements 

There are certain herbs and supplements which really hps in boosting our immune system and they actually do a great work in fighting against the cancer cells and diseases.

Even though in supplementaries there are things which are made just for money making with a less time and fast effect on our immune system and it may lead to other side effects but there are suppliment which is healthier and useful in consuming them for long period of time without any side effects.

Stress management 

Managening our stress will really helps and individual to maintain a healthy immunity. There is a relation and link between the mind and body which effect the other thing if one is affected or suffering. Stress can’t be defined properly and exactly because the stressful situations of a person will not be a stressful situations for a another person it soly depends on them and the way they manage. 


Having a regular exercise and practicing excercise and activities for atleast an hour in a daily will helps to boost our immune system. Having regular excercise helps in improving cardiovascular health, prevents from diabetic and so many other diseases. 8. Reducing cold intake 

do you guys remember mothers saying not to stay outside when it’s cold which may affect our health and leads to fever and cold. It is said because of a reason and the reason is a human body can’t be able to control the too much of cold and to control 

that we need to spend our immunity energy and when we spend our immunity to keep our body heat then automatically the immune system start to become low and weak and it leads to the fever and such infections. 


Maintaining a proper hygiene will helps an individual to maintain the health of an immune system because when t

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