High blood pressure and there symptoms

High blood pressure and there symptoms

Do you know what high blood pressure is? What are the symptoms of high blood pressure and what are remedies have to be followed? To know more about this follow this article.

Height blood pressure is also called as HBP or hypertension. High blood pressure is a condition where there is a force flow of blood towards artery walls is too high , it may damage your artery walls ,usually it is a rate of blood pressure above 140/90 and it will be severe if the rate of blood pressure is 180/120.

Blood pressure is measured in millimeter’s of mercury (mmHg) by medical professionals. Blood pressure became very common in India , over 1 million cases per year are found to be under blood pressure. Which means 47% of adults are facing blood pressure issue. World Health Organization states that globally over 1.2 billion people aged 30 to 79 are suffering from high blood pressure. 

High blood pressure or hypertension has no symptoms and can become sever it is not treated properly at right time. Hypertension may also leads to stroke, heart attack, and other problems. Mainly adults who have hypertension may not realize soon and it may lead to sever problem so regular check up is crucial and have to be done. 

Proper dietary plan, exercise and medicine can help in maintaining blood pressure properly. The hypertension or high blood pressure can also be called in medical term silent killer because it will be not having any symptoms and the death may arrive suddenly. Because it doesn’t make any symptoms, so the damages can’t be recognized but there will be damage inside the body. 

BP readings are in two numbers. The blood pressure is the measurement of the high flow or forceful pushing of blood towards blood vessels walls. The two ways of number are 

  • The systolic blood pressure, which is the highest figure, indicates the force exerted on your artery walls during a heartbeat or contraction.
  • The diastolic blood pressure is shown by the lower number. This gauges the force exerted on the walls of your arteries during periods of relaxation in your heart.

How to know that do we have blood pressure or not:

The only way to find out if your blood pressure is too high is to have it checked. Even if you feel well, you can do this by scheduling a yearly examination with a healthcare professional. If your blood pressure is elevated, you won’t feel ill. Thus, these examinations are essential and may even save lives. Your doctor may suggest medication or lifestyle modifications if your blood pressure is higher than usual.

Symptoms and causes for high blood pressure: 

When it comes to high blood pressure condition there is no as such symptoms or signs to identify it’s a symptom of blood pressure so it called as silent killer by the health provider’s. We may having high blood pressure or hypertension for a years but we will be not knowing or we will not having any clue about the blood pressure, so world Health Organization states that 46% of adults having the blood pressure but they weren’t aware about that. 

When reaches too high then we may feel some symptoms like 

  • Headache
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nose bleeding 

When it high then it is considered as a hypertension crisis, which requires immediate medical attention or it may lead to another sever issues or there are chances that it may leads to the death. 


There are many reasons for getting a high blood pressure but there are certain reasons where the blood pressure is really affect by them. The main causes for the high blood pressure or hypertension is

  • Dietary inadequacy: when there is no proper dietary plan or proper lifestyle plan then it leads to hypertension or high blood pressure. And adding too many salt or iodine in the diet can lead to high blood pressure.
  • Unhealthy diet: when there a high eating of unhealthy food then it leads to hypertension. Because having outside unhealthy food and chats may lead to chemical reactions inside the body and which may affect the proper blood flow and then become the result of high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Lack of physical activities: which is very much important in now a days, physical activity it very much important and essential for our body which helps in maintaining our body health not only blood pressure it also helps in preventing diabetes and many other disease. Physical activities in our daily life at least for an hour is very much useful and helpful, when there is no physical activity and not even the walking and sitting in the same place for longer time or doing less physical moments can lead to high blood flow by force to the blood vessels walls.
  • High consumption of alcohol contains: the consumption of food or a drink which has a alcohol will lead to the high blood pressure. Consumption in a limit is fine but too much is too bad for the health.
  • Tobacco consumption: when there is a regular consumption will lead to the high blood pressure not only high blood pressure it also lead to many other issues like oral cancer, diabetes and many other.
  • Genetics: as per the recent research it is stated that if the blood pressure is continued more than two generations in the family then there is a high chances of getting the high blood pressure.
  • Over weight also leads to the high blood pressure.
  • Having lot of stress or a tension can again lead to the high blood pressure because of tension there will be no proper sleep or a diet plan which is again reason for the high blood pressure. 

What are the disease or the effect of the high blood pressure:

If there is a high blood pressure issue then immediate medication is very much and definitely suggested to an individual because there is no particular symptoms for a high blood pressure and it may cause sudden death when it is neglected or ignored by thinking it’s a small and normal headache or pain. If there is a negligence then an individual have to face these issues of high blood pressure they are: 

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Kidney diseases
  • Kidney failure due to increased high blood pressure
  • Eye damage
  • Vascular damage
  • If there is a high blood pressure in pregnant women then it may lead to the complications during the pregnancy or delivery time.
  • Peripheral artery disease.

If a person is affected by a high blood pressure then there is no cure for a high blood pressure and there no such treatment to cure high blood pressure or hypertension completely it can be maintained and managed but it can’t to cured. The most dangerous part of the high blood pressure is that there is no symptoms that to showcase that an individual is having a high blood pressure which may lead to so many disease or difficulties.

So regular check up very much essential for an individual to be taken to prevent the high blood pressure to become it sever or to identify it’s prior or to maintain the health properly. Proper diet plan, avoiding too much of salt, alcohol, tobacco and smoking, having a regular physical activity and exercise can really help an individual from getting any other diseases not only a high blood pressure. 

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