Healthiest Fruits

Top Healthiest Fruits

Do you know what is fruit? In simple language fruit is a fresh, sweet, soft and fleshy thing which is good for our health. To says it in other words. According to botany, a fruit is the fleshy or dry, fully-ripened ovary that encloses a seed or seeds in a flowering plant. In technical terms, fruits include apricots, bananas and grapes; they can also include bean pods, corn grains, tomatoes, cucumbers and (in their shells) acorns and almonds. Which contains high amount of healthy nutrients and nutritional supplements in them which is very much essential for an individual to stay healthy and fit.

Fruits play a vital role in individual health, because fruits contain so many healthy and very much essential nutrient like, vitamin c, vitamin B, vitamin D, fiber etc.

In each and every fruit there will be at least one nutritional content, it may be vitamins or minerals in them. Each of the fruits have there own uniqueness and unique taste which makes the taste of the fruits so good and enjoyable. Not only about healthy concept fruits are also emotional for an individual who love a fruits very much. 

There are certain individuals who have some particular amount of love towards some particular fruit, when the particular fruit season comes they will be making a stock of that fruit and they will be finding a joy and happiness in eating that fruit.

Each of the fruits have its own nutritional content like example: 

Orange orange is a very best source for vitamin C which helps in maintaining our skin health and maintaining our bone health , cartilage and also keeps our blood vessels healthy. Orange doesn’t have only vitamin c it also contains vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and potassium in a small amount but it is a very good for vitamin c improvement in our body.

Including or consumption of one orange daily have so many benefits. It also helps to prevent the deficiency of vitamin c like scurvy. 

Apple- as there is a saying ‘ eating one apple daily keeps the doctor away’. Apple is also a good source to maintain our health. Apple contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium in small amount. And apple is a good source of fiber. Apple helps in protecting heart health, boosts brain health, fights against cancer and also helps in lower risk of type 2 diabetes etc. 

Strawberry – strawberry is very much useful in control or maintaining heart health and It has a good amount of fiber, vitamin B9, potassium and magnesium and it also has a good amount of antioxidants and plant compounds which helps in maintaining our health like maintaining blood pressure, it is low in calories and it also reduce and fade away hyperpigmentation and dark spots 

Watermelon – watermelon is a very good source of social many nutrients it contains vitamin A, potassium, a small amount of vitamin B6 and it has zero fats, cholesterol, and sodium in it. Watermelon also contains a good amount of vitamin c too.

Watermelon helps in makes our skin soft, smooth , supple and moisture. And it also helps in skin elasticity and blood flow to skin due to its vitamin C content in it. The vitamin A content in it helps in skin repair, prevent from becoming dry skin, flaky skin and it protects the skin from breaking down. These are the useful things of consuming watermelon. 

Papaya- papaya is a very good and it has a high source of vitamin c it also has a good amount of fiber and it is the fruit which is recommended for daily consumption. Papaya has a high content of antioxidants and it also contains vitamins like vitamin C , vitamin A and vitamin B in them. It is also a one of the healthiest fruit in the world.

Consumption of papaya every morning helps in maintaining good health and skin. Papaya improves digestion and it also good for manage diabetes , boost heart health, strengthens immune system and it has so many health benefits . 

Mango – mango is a fruit which is a most favourite fruit for so many people, it contains a good amount of fiber, a small amount of protein, potassium and it also contains a good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. It helps in preventing colon cancer , heart disease and weight control. As it is containing vitamin c in it, it helps is improving skin health and boost immune system and it also supports eye health because of its vitamin A content. 

Guava – guava is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium and iron. Guava helps in preventing constipation, just eating one guava helps in getting 12% of fiber. Guava also helps in improving digestive system. Guava is also a good source in preventing diabetes or maintaining diabetes.

Muskmelon – muskmelon contains a good amount of potassium and vitamin C. Muskmelon helps in promoting hair growth, helps lower blood pressure, helps in improving your eye vision and sight, boosts immunity helps in maintaining skin health and it also helps for arthritis and it cures toothaches, it is good for lung health also. These are the benefits of muskmelon. 

Grapes – grapes has good amount of nutrients and antioxidants, grapes also contains vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium and due to these vitamins there are several benefits like it helps in improving skin health, immunity system and there are other benefits like reduce the risk of cardiac vascular disease and prevents blood pressure and also reduce the risk of irregular heart rhythm.

Sapota- Sapota is a fruit, which has a good amount dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, iron , calcium and magnesium which has several benefits in improving our health, like immunity system, skin health like wrinkles free, bright, and sapota has a high Content of iron which helps in improving Hemoglobin and it improves blood health also. 

There are still many other fruits which have so many antioxidants and vitamins and minerals in them. And these are the example of the fruits, to know about there nutritional content and to know the top 10 best fruits which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals here are those top 10 fruits. 

The top fruits are :

  • Banana
  • Jackfruit
  • Pomegranate
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Kiwi

These are the fruits which are packed with antioxidants and nutrients in them . These fruits have good amount of vitamin c, vitamin B, vitaminA and potassium, iron and magnesium which has several benefits in improving our health it may be in improving skin health, maintaining hearth health and improving blood healthy and in boosting the immune system and so on.

Fruits should be a necessity and should be added in our dietary plan which helps in several ways and also consuming it daily will helps in maintaining our overall health and maintain our fitness properly. 

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