Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation


 Yoga is an immensely rich and highly complex spiritual tradition. It means to join your inner soul to the universal soul. The main function of yoga is to develop physical and mental strength, resistance to health issues for a strong mind. Yoga is a traditional ancient art that connects the soul to your body. It is a type of exercise that helps you to relax and feel yourself.

Moreover, It controls bodies as well as the mind. Yoga works on a person’s body and mind. There are several types of Yoga Karma Yoga which help in our body Jnana Yoga which helps in our mind. 

Meditation is a breathing exercise that will help you clear your mind and soul. The basic principle and practice of meditation comes from Hinduism which believes that the soul is eternal and maintains an eternal relationship with God. The aim of meditation is to sit quietly and connect to your inner soul and god.

Meditation is considered to be the only exercise that is said to be a medicine for your soul and your body. It can release deep tension from your mind and fill you with relaxation. When you meditate you focus on attention and you start to throw all the negative energy from your mind. 

 Yoga and Meditation Centres:-

Yoga and meditation centres are the places where people connect together and do yoga and meditate together. Yoga and meditation centres help individuals to detoxify their mind, body and soul to find their inner self and also these centres help people to connect to their inner self. Most of these centres are founded by gurus who are experts in yoga and meditation. 

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga and meditation helps people to find peace to overcome the stress in their life and it promotes relaxation. Yoga and meditation help in “mindfulness”. The term mindfulness is used here to determine the focus of attention on the work you are doing. By doing yoga and meditation people can cure some of the chronic mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. There are still so many benefits left let’s have a look below individually:-

Benefits Of Yoga:-

  • Yoga will inspire you to live a happy, healthy and peaceful lifestyle.
  • It will help you to become flexible and help your serotonin to rise.
  • It will help release stress.
  • It will help you relieve chronic pain. 
  • Your spinal issues will cure. 
  • It will help you improve blood circulation.
  • Yoga is a heart, mind and soul workout. 

Benefits of Meditation:-

  • It will help you increase your imagination.
  • You will gain a new perspective in life and be stress-free.
  • You get a new skill to build stress-free life.
  • You increase your focus on the moment.
  • It will help you improve your memory. 
  • You start seeing positives in negative situations.
  • You become very humble and calm. 

What is the work of yoga and meditation centres:-

When you join a Yoga and meditation centre the positive vibe will make you feel incredible and you won’t feel insecure because you will have a group of friends who are doing the same thing as you, It will help you in improving a person’s mental well being and decreasing physiological stress and can help you reduce lower blood pressure and heart rate and can help you clear your mind and help in mindfulness.

Meditation centres help to relieve stress. These centres are all over the world and are usually located in the countryside to avoid distraction from the cities.

Impact of Yoga and Meditation on our Health:-

The practice of yoga and meditation will develop strength in your soul, mind and body. It will help you calm down and you will have better control of your anxiety and depression. You will be free and you will be able to connect to your inner self.

Yoga will help you lose weight, increase flexibility, feel happier and sleep better while on the other hand, meditation will help you maintain your anxiety and you will feel your true self. 

Top 10 Yoga and Meditation Centres in India:-

  • Art of Living Ashram, Bengaluru

This Ashram is much more than just a Yoga centre in India, Bengaluru It is the headquarters of many yogis and spiritual leaders. It was founded by Guru Ravi Shankar.

It is located in the centre of Bangalore. It is a 65 acres campus located in Panchagiri hills, It has organic farms, a lake, gardens and mountains surrounded by an extremely peaceful environment. 

Location:– Ved Vignan Vidya Peeth, Kanakapura road, Udayapur Bangalore, Karnataka, India 

  • Ananda in the Himalayas:-

This place is a luxury Yoga retreat in India located in the Himalayan abode. It is one of the spacious highest ranked Yoga retreats in India to boost your ancient Yoga techniques and skills. 

This luxury yoga retreat provides its visitors to meditate and try “Shuddhi kriyas”. Its motive is to detoxify your soul, body and mind. 

Location:- The place estate, Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand 249175

  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram: For soul detoxification 


This Ashram is located in the Western ghats of Kerala, it is one of the best places for yoga in India. You can practice different Yoga poses here along with the community and you will have a non-alcoholic vegetarian diet followed by silent meditation. You will participate in a program like Karma Yoga which is an hour a day.

Location:- PO Neyyar Dam, Trivandrum, Kerala 695572 

  • Purnam Meditation Retreat:- Enjoy peace with Adventure

It is located in the ECR in the Uthandi region of Chennai. This is new in Yoga retreats but it is luxurious, spacious and peaceful and has 5-star hospitality it is the perfect place to release your chaotic stress and relax your soul. This retreat is made from a vintage point of view to explore new things on a holiday visit. 

Location:- Olive Sands Layout Uthandi, Kanathur, SH 49 Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Osho Meditation Resort:- Learn Yoga 

It is one of the most beautiful Yoga retreats in India WIth a subtle blend of ancient ashrams and luxury spas, you will feel like you are in Paradise in this Osho Meditation Resort. They teach very different techniques for learning Yoga.

Location:– Meera Nagar Garden Society, Koregaon Park, Pune Maharashtra 411001

  • Krishnamurti Foundation, Chennai

Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) is situated in the greens of Chennai, this is a peaceful greenish campus. 

It was founded by Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was a great philosopher, teacher, writer, and speaker and made a great impact on the human mind. 

Location:- Vasant Vihar Road, Chennai 465409

  • Transcendental Meditation, Rishikesh:-

It is situated in the low-lying hills of Rishikesh, this centre is ideal for weekend treats if you want to find peace. This place is so beautiful with the Ganga flowing around and greenery all around. This place helps people find their inner and true selves which they lost in the chaotic social world. 

Location:-Vidya Peeth, Tapovan, Rishikesh

  • Isha Yoga Centre, Velliangiri Mountains:-

This Isha Yoga Centre is situated on the foothills of Velliangiri on the outskirts of Coimbatore. This centre’s motive is to help you with inner transformation and maintaining healthy individuals. This centre has a whole lot of communities of Brahmacharis. It provides you with a very supportive environment and helps you shift into a healthy environment. 

Location:- Isha yoga centre road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 

  • Root Institute Bodhgaya:-

Root Institute of wisdom culture is a Buddhist centre in the Tibetan culture

In Bodhgaya, India. It is enlightened with the Lord Buddha and it offers a calm and peaceful way to study.  It offers spacious single, double, and triple rooms along with a non-alcoholic and vegetarian diet to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Location:- Saxena Rd, near Nyingma Monastery, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824231

  • Nirvana Yoga Shala:-

Nirvana Yoga Shala is a peaceful quiet place located in Uttarakhand and has all the best hospitality provided.

They will help in practising Yoga, pranayam as well as Meditation.

In this place, you would be able to do Osho dance meditation, singing bowl and many more new techniques to help you with your meditation and Asanas. This is one of the best places in Mysore and people really enjoy their journey. 

Location:– General Mahadev Singh Road, Chaman Vihar, Mysore. 

The best Yoga and Meditation Centre In India is Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh it is one of the premium and elegant Yoga and Meditation centres and it is located in the beautiful town of Rishikesh. This is super beautiful and spacious and has more than 1000 spacious rooms. 

Throughout the year this centre gives courses for yoga and meditation retreat and are really premium.  

Regular training and teaching courses are held and people are able to connect to the Vedic heritage. 

The Parmarth Niketan Ashram is famous for its Ganga Aarti which is held in Rishikesh, as well as for its Yoga festival which takes place every year in March in Rishikesh. 

Why yoga and meditation centres are really helpful:-

Yoga and meditation centres are really helpful if you really want to stick to your goals. You will have friends there and you will be there for each other in that you won’t feel disconnected, you will always feel that you have someone.

You will have new friends in your life from yoga centres who will have a similar mindset as you and when you practice with like-minded individuals you increase awareness and it will help you build group rhythm even if you fail to do the yoga asana in subconsciously mind there will be a voice that will say we’re in this together we can do this.

Cathy Gee Yogi says “A yoga studio provides benefits of gym and church” and another Yogi says “I am interested in you gaining friends more than poses”.   

This, Yoga studios are essential for students as well as for teachers because, in this digital world full of social media impact and awful lifestyles, it is reported that human connection is really important and people inside crave human connection. 

So, this is the power of Yoga and Meditation Centres. 


  • Yoga is an ancient tradition that began in India 5000 years ago. The practice of yoga can be done in any religion despite any issues. 
  • Yoga and meditation is a system of physical and mental exercise and yoga balances mind, body and soul. 
  • The main purpose of yoga and meditation is to create harmony and peace and strengthen mentally and you will improve your life.

Yoga and meditation will completely change your point of view of your life. When you join a Yoga centre you will feel discouraged first then you will try to improve and focus on combining different poses. You may practice yoga and meditation anytime but it is proven that practicing Yoga and meditation in the morning will make a better impact in your life.  

Both Yoga and Meditation are considered to release stress and anxiety and have positive impacts on physical as well as mental health and are 100% safe when done under the guidance of an instructor. Yoga and Meditation both are ways of life when done consistently and help in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

FAQs regarding Yoga and meditation:-

Who can practice Yoga and Meditation?

A-Yoga and Meditation benefits everyone regardless of age and traits, You just have to preserve in a place and find peace so yes everyone can practice Yoga and Meditation despite age. 

Can I have a meal before a Yoga session?

A-You can have a meal before a Yoga session but it is preferred to have a meal 2 hours prior to the session.

Do I have to be flexible before practising Yoga?

A-No, You don’t have to be flexible if you start practising Yoga you will learn along with the process. 

At what age should you start yoga and meditation?

A-You can start Yoga and meditation despite any age. 

When should I do Yoga?

A-You can do Yoga anytime you fit into your schedule. 

What Yoga poses should I start with?

A-You should start with Surya Namaskar and gradually go ahead with other poses.

Is meditation helpful in maintaining a sleep cycle?

A-Meditation helps in clarity of mind and helps you improve your cardiac rhythm.

How meditation affects life?

A-Meditation will make you a calm person and help you maintain a peaceful life. 

What is needed to start meditating?

A-Kindness and calmness are all it takes to start meditating.

How long should meditation last?

A-For beginner-10 minutes

    For intermediate-20 minutes

    For advanced-30 minutes 

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