Wellness Revolution

Wellness Revolution:-

Wellness revolution simply refers to healing people, finding health for body, mind and soul, self respect and living their true life. Being in the wellness revolution is something that you should always believe in yourself no matter what and how the situation is going and find freedom even in a cage this is how impactful wellness revolution is.

In a world where everyone is disconnected and living their social life but can’t find that freedom which wellness for health will give you. If you are serious about your health you have to study about how to disconnect from social life and that is how you will become free and empowered.  

Believe in yourself, believe that if we are here on earth there is a reason to explore and create your own stories and inspire others, learn from your past and implement never give up.

Wellness revolution should have educational purpose, commitment to training health and fitness programs. The leaders who are already certified health coaches will help you conquer your interested goad holistically. The irony of our society is we give 100% at once and gradually start to give up after 1-2 months so make goals which are holistic and come under your interest.

Impact wellness and health. It is most crucial to help manage chronic illness, disease, reducing stress, improving mental health and increasing productivity. This is how important wellness is for our health. It helps you find your true inner self, boost up self awareness and help in encouraging personality development. 

Top Fitness Trends in India :-


Trends never stay at one one point; they change from new fitness trends to other fitness trends and the fitness industry changes the whole game of these trends to start trending. In the beginning there was only a gym and now look how many new fitness and health trends are in the market and people are accepting these new trends for becoming better selves. 

There are Metabolic trackers, Fitness bands, health trackers, water purifiers, air purifiers; these all gadgets have made their own community as fitness trends. 

As growing more and more we are expecting more fitness trends and new equipment but it runs individual to individual. Some fitness enthusiasts are loving all these fitness trends and others are thinking these trends are going overboard. Nevertheless, below in the blog let’s describe what all these fitness trends are and how these trends work. 

HIIT Workout:-

HIIT refers to as High-Intensity Interval Training thi is going so trendy in India in2023 and it is a good efficient workout in which you can burn 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise we rae not saying that other exercise are not good but HIIT workouts are time efficient you only need 20-30 minutes of your day to have a HIIT workout and you burn around 350-500 calories in a single workout. HIIT workout helps in improving your heart rate and helps you use oxygen efficiently because HIIT training is cardio based. 

It is totally up to you if you want to add weights in HIIT workouts or not, adding weight helps you burn more calories and gain muscle mass. The benefits of HIIT training are plenty and it is as beneficial as working out in the gym if done properly. 

Strength Training:-

Strength training is one of the most popular workout trends right now. In 2023 it will be done in the gym with heavy equipment. You can do these workouts at home but you need little equipment. Strength training will help you build muscle mass at the same time you can also lose body fat. That’s why it is said to be the best workout if you are in body composition. 

Building muscle is not all about aesthetics, it will give you enough strength that you can deadlift 2x your body weight. Report says strength training can decrease your mortality risk by 10-17%. 

Regular strength training will boost up your metabolism, for instance if someone is obese and has a low metabolism it is ideal for them to do strength training. It will help in improving bone density and so many more health benefits.  

Meditation/Focus on mental health:-

When it comes to fitness and wellbeing it is much more important to first focus on your mental health not only physical health and now in 2023 people are not only exercising to lose pounds but also to manage their stress levels and have mental clarity. In a pan India report it is found that how Indians started meditating in lockdown and that made a huge impact in their life by managing stress.

You can focus on your mental health by meditating and doing slow movement for 20-30 minutes. 

Wearable gadgets:-

Wearable gadgets have come a long way earlier. It has only one feature of tracking steps but now technology has evolved and these gadgets have become more advanced. It can track blood sugar level, ECG, heart rate, movement, stress level, sleep quality and so much more. 

It has so many amazing features which will help us stay on track other than that why wearable gadgets will remain trendy is that it is much cheaper that other fitness gadgets. You will find a decent fitness tracker in approx 2000 INR and they have a really classic built in quality. 

VR workouts:-

VR technology and workouts have become so popular and trendy in past years and it will stay trendy in the upcoming year.

All it takes is to wear a VR headset and experience the magic you get to experience rock climbing, shooting, martial arts, boxing, dancing and many more.

There are number of reason what makes a VR workout so appealing and they are,

  • You will get your own personalized virtual trainer
  • Even if you are a beginner you can easily assist with it
  • You will be connected with other fitness enthusiast who share same passion as you
  • You don’t have to go gym
  • You need only little bit space 
  • No need of any distraction

Gluten free diet:-

This trend has come recently in India but it was way too popular abroad. It is believed by the majority that eliminating gluten from their diet will help you lose weight, better skin, better hair, improves gut health, better digestion and many more.

This diet simply refers to removing gluten which is a protein found in cereals.Many fitness influencers and health experts have said that removing gluten from their diet will help them improve their overall health, because of this trend another trend came which is gluten free flour and other food options by which you can eat all the delicious meal without thinking of gluten. 

Mind-body workout:-

Mini body workouts are the workouts done for only 10-15 minutes where you don’t have to exhaust yourself. You can simply do an effective workout with little bit of time.

Pilates and Yoga are the top exercises belonging to this category. This kind of workout helps in improving flexibility, strength and reducing stress. These workouts can be helpful for people who are in their late 40s.They have to give a little bit of time of their day for their overall health. 

Conclusion :-

Everyone wants to live their best life in a holistic way and want to live healthy. This led to the fitness industry getting more fitness enthusiasts. In the technology era wellness revolution is coming as the development of new discoveries about technologies and medical health programs.

People made so many new technologies regarding health and fitness when they were first introduced to the fitness market people didn’t want to buy them but after education about health and fitness and according to the news people started to understand the value of these gadgets and how these gadgets are going to impact their lifestyle. 

Wellness and health simply refers to a complete state of physical, mental and social well being. Wellness is an active process by which people began to understand the impact of health and started getting aware of it. So, you have to be serious about your health and fitness and start making choices accordingly for better existence. 

FAQs regarding fitness trends:-

Do these fitness trends really make you fit?

Following all the fitness trends does not make you fit it will make you happier, free and will make you appear more cool but it won’t really make you fitter. The only way which will make you fit is eating in a maintenance calorie and working out regularly along with rest days. 

How can all the fitness trends make you achieve your goal?

These fitness trends are really helpful for achieving your goals because it will help you track your progress and you can check your health simply sitting at home. This is how it will make you achieve your goal. 

Should you pick one trend or combination of different trends?

Combination of different trends will challenge your body so it is helpful to combine only 1-2 trends at a time. 

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