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Top 10 Healthy Breakfast

Everyone will be knowing what breakfast is because, breakfast is the first meal or also known as a small meal, which an individual consumes daily in the morning. Breakfast is the very essential meal or a diet which as to be followed without a failure because there are so many health benefits by having a breakfast in early morning. Top 10 Healthy Breakfast. Breakfast.

In this article will explore what is breakfast? What are the benefits of consuming breakfast daily? what are the top 10 breakfast has to be included in our diet plan. There are so many traditional breakfasts which are followed till today in so many families. 

Ther are so many different types of breakfasts are there in this world and it all depends on the region we are in according to our geographical area our way of living and our dietary plan also changes. like example the people who are living in America have a different breakfast meal plan compared to the people’s breakfast meal plan in India.

In India only there are different types of breakfasts meals are practiced according to their region. The north India breakfast meal is different from the south India breakfast meals. Even in south India there are different breakfast meal divided according to their regions like Tamil Nadu has its own different breakfast meal, Karnataka has its own different breakfast meal, Andra Pradesh have its own different breakfast meals and Kerala has their own different breakfast meal plan.

The breakfasts are different and unique and they are followed from their traditional period too; from their ancient period they were following the same breakfast meals not only breakfasts they follow their food habits, lunch, and dinner from their ancient period.

There are different breakfasts in different region is only due to the availability of the things, which means the availability of the things or food habitants are may be or completely different from the food habits and the availability of the things in another region, like for example: in Kerala region their no practice of eating a white rice but where as in Karnataka region people do eat the white rice and it is must for them it may be due to availability also and also due their food habits and the environment they are living in.

like that only the another example is the people in the Kerala and the coastal region of Karnataka have the similar food habits and it is because of their availability of the things like the people in these region use more coconut and they consume more fish items or seafoods in their diet plan compared to the other regions of  the India, which is because of the temperature and the environment they are living in and due to the availability of the seafood and coconut in that region.

The above-mentioned food habits are followed from the traditional days and they are followed till today but, now a days there are bit changes in the dietary plan of the people, even though they are following their traditional culture in their breakfast, people are bit changing their breakfast meal plan to the modern breakfast meal plan.

Due to modernization and urbanization, now a days people are getting all kinds of foods and groceries which it also having a beneficiary thing where a people can plan their dietary in healthier way but also a default because there are people who are not following their traditional breakfast meal plan. Now other than their region and area now we will see what are best 10 breakfasts has to be included in our dietary plan and we will explore on that breakfast like why they have to be consumed in the morning and why they are best.

The top 10 best morning breakfasts are:

As we all know morning breakfast is the very essential meal of the day and it’s the first and staring meal which makes an individual more productive and energetic for the day. An individual should not miss his \her breakfast because due skip of a breakfast meal there are so many side effects and chances of getting sick.

Overnight soaked chia seeds with oats and fruits:

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Soaked chia seeds with oats and fruits will be a nice breakfast to have in the morning which has so many benefits in having chia seeds, oats and fruits in the early morning, because chia seed have good amount of fibre in it and it also keeps our stomach full for more time and helps in not consuming too much of food especially a junk food and it also helps in weight loss.

Oats also as so many benefits in maintaining our health especially heart health. And by consuming fruits we will get so many health benefits like, will get vitamins, minerals, and it also helps in maintaining a good health and blood it helps in maintaining clear and good skin.

Lentil breakfast

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Lentil has a good amount of contains which helps in maintaining our health properly. Lentils has a good amount of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants and it also a plant-based food too and it is easy to cook also.

Whole grain waffles or pan cake with fruits:

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Whole grains have a good amount of fibre, proteins and vitamins which helps an individual to maintain his over all health and fitness and makes him more productive.


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Consuming eggs in the morning will helps and individual to get protein and also helps in muscle growth and maintenance.


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Having coffee with breakfast helps and individual to be more active all the days because of its caffeine contain it helps an individual be more active and energetic.


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Having berries in the morning breakfast helps in getting and antioxidants and Fiber to the body.

Cottage cheese

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Cottage cheese has a hight amount of protein which is one of the best breakfasts in top 10 breakfast and it is also filling by adding it to the breakfast.


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Adding nuts to the breakfast helps an individual to get the minerals, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants. It is also good for heart health due to its monounsaturated fats and it also helps in improving blood health.

Green tea 

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Green tea helps an individual to maintain his over all helps in maintaining mood swing and make the mood calm and active.

Protein shakes and smoothies

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These protein shakes and smoothies helps an individual to maintain his muscle health and also helps in keeping stomach full in the morning which helps in avoiding unhealthy food.

These are the top 10 breakfasts which helps an individual to maintain his over all health and wellbeing.

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